Thursday, March 4, 2010



In an effort to attract buyers and satisfy sellers HK LANE® REAL ESTATE recently held its first Open House Extravaganza showcasing nearly 60 residential listings. Upwards of over 1000 prospects attended the two-day open house event with many of them being serious buyers, a positive indication that the real estate market is rapidly improving.

To help draw visitors HK LANE advertised the event in the Desert Sun and via the web on,, and hundreds of other syndicated web portals. “Our Open House Extravaganza was an overwhelming success” reports HK Lane’s Executive Vice President, COO, Ron Gerlich. He adds “As a result of this special event several properties were even sold.”

Factors such as lower median house prices, an exciting inventory and attractive interest rates will help close the deal for many buyers. “But to attract buyers agents need to be creative and come up with unique ways to showcase their listings,” said Harvey Katofsky, President and Chief Executive Officer. “The market is much different than it was a few years ago. For example, at HK Lane we launched virtual caravans for our sales associates to give better exposure to our listings. This is super proactive and forward thinking,” said Harvey. “And, by doing the caravan digitally, many more agents get to view each listing.” It looks like the agents at HK LANE are heading in the right direction.

Due to its success, HK Lane REALTOR ® PR Roll is very excited about the event and stated, “I had a great Open House Extravaganza…lots of traffic! Much more than I anticipated and most came in off the ads I ran and the HK Lane Extravaganza ad. Very Successful!!”

REALTOR®, Meg Nadeau adds, “My Extravaganza Open house on Saturday was very busy, one of the best I have had thus far.” Gene Darr, Manager of HK Lane’s La Quinta office comments that “This is a sure sign that people are indeed looking and the market is getting a lot more activity.”

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