Thursday, November 10, 2011

There Is No Place Like Home When It Comes To Health

When either designing a new home or purchasing an existing one, it’s prudent to consider how this home affects your overall health and how the functioning house affects the world you live in.

Consider the fact that more than 50% of the toxins that the human body must deal with on a daily basis come from in and around the home. Toxins enter the body through the air you breathe, the water you drink and through your skin.

Start by looking for a state of the art air filtration system that effectively removes contaminated dust from the air and neutralizes offensive airborne organisms like the common cold virus.

Sophisticated residential water purification systems remove unhealthy contaminants from your water. A five minute shower with chlorinated water is equal to drinking 10 glasses of chlorinated water! Through a series of other purification and re-mineralization steps, you can have a drink of water equal to water from a natural mountain spring straight from your kitchen faucet.

Floor coverings are best to be hard surfaced throughout the home for ease of removing dust and dirt with a centrally located vacuum system that has no potential for injecting any of the toxin laden particles directly back into your living environment. Soft surfaced floor coverings are more likely to retain dust and dirt. The manufactured and treated fibers from carpeting for example give off gases known to increase your toxic burden.

From an environmental standpoint, seek a house design that takes into account shading from the high and hot summer sun while still allowing the lower winter sun to shine into the home. This can be achieved with appropriate overhangs and strategic placement of window blinds and exterior power screens. These blinds and screens can be hidden in recessed pockets incorporated in the house structural design. Additionally, solar-heat-reflecting glass windows are a tremendous energy saver!

With the extensive amount of sunshine in the Coachella Valley, solar electrical energy is a must to consider. With solar equipment, electrical costs can be drastically reduced with no drain on natural resources. Also, electrical consumption can be reduced with computer controlled low voltage lighting. From your PC or smart phone you are able to control the functions of your home’s lights including on/off and light intensity. Lights running at 80% or less of maximum intensity have a much longer life expectancy and produce less heat.

Don’t forget to look at the landscaping. A desert landscape is environmentally friendly. Reduced water consumption is the obvious advantage to the environment. However, it goes far beyond water. No grass means no toxins produced by lawnmower exhaust, no grass fertilizing with synthetic chemicals, no weed control with toxic chemicals, and no lawn scalping filling the air with allergy causing pollutants. Check out the benefits of a salt water pool versus a chemically maintained pool.

Natural relaxation is a carefully crafted blend of comfort and natural sounds produced by wild life and cascading water that enhances emotional health.

A prime example is this custom home built specifically for doctor with a desire for a great quality of life. Located in Palm Springs, health was a primary focus when building and designing this home.


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