Monday, August 27, 2007

6 Million in capital improvements that Morgan Stanley and The Hilton Corporation are putting into the courses at The Citrus and La Quinta Resort

We have a number of exciting changes with Morgan Stanley as our new owners. They have just approved $6 Million dollars to improve all nine golf courses and are working out a Master Plan for the improvement of all clubhouses and La Quinta Resort facilities. Funds currently being allocated to The Citrus Club, Mountain and Dunes include:

The Citrus Course:
Bunker renovation
Cart path repairs
New tee box on the #16 hole
New sump below the 18th tee box
New irrigation controller system

The Citrus Clubhouse:
Grading and the compaction project have begun on the start of our new fitness center
Construction of an expanded patio and feature bar
Construction of a 2,600 square foot fitness center
Construction of four to five tennis courts here at The Citrus Club will be included with the upcoming Master Plan.

Mountain Course:
Bunker renovations
Cart path repairs
Tee leveling
Railroad tie repairs
Drainage repairs
Distance markers on the irrigation heads
Central computer programming

Dunes Course:
Bunker renovation
Cart path repairs
Leveling of tee boxes
Railroad tie repairs
New controllers that operate off a central computer
Distance markers on the irrigation heads
Well pump improvements

These long-awaited improvements will only enhance the Citrus Club and surrounding communities. We look forward to their completion as we enter into season and invite you to join our Club now.


Anonymous said...

what's needed at The La Quinta Resort and Club is complete room renovations and more time, money and energy being applied to the present infrastructure rather than ridiculous projects such as a water park. The hotel should be concentrating on reinstating it's former elegance and highly touted position in the desert.

Anonymous said...

They are actually focusing on room renovations now. The water park is blown out of context. Once the pool is completed people will be a lot happier. Morgan Stanley knows what they are doing.

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